What One Needs To Pick Up When They Look For A No Deposit Bonus!

One of the most popular casino bonuses that a new player will look out for is a No Deposit Bonus. Why would it be the most popular? Well, at Miss Clams Casino, the casino bonus will most probably be one of the first points of contact in opening an account with a particular casino.

This will indicate to the casino, where this customer actually came from and who amongst their affiliates is sending new customers their way.

Is there any benefit to the customer coming from one of these sites? Possibly yes, as some of them may also have special inbuilt bonuses for using their bonus code, so this could in effect work out rather well for the new player as they may get additional benefits as well as those they will already collect from the casino!

What for any additional Welcome bonuses? Well although some of these bonuses can start out at around 50% and work their way up to the giddy heights of 500%, one will usually find that they settle around the 100% mark. Anything that is advertised as 200% and above should be thoroughly scrutinized.

Not to say that some of these bonuses are not genuine, indeed some are, in spite of seeming to be too good to be true, but they do take some finding and one rarely discovers them at the first attempt. It's a bit like going fishing in the lake and casting ones fishing rod, the fish don't do a sing and a dance on the water's surface letting one know where to sling ones hook to come and get them!

Sometimes it's just down to digging deeper and deeper and eventually uncovering a blinding new customer deal. One may have had to spend a lot of time going through different offers, then reading through all the Terms & Conditions to make sure everything is fully understood.

None the less, one may just have stumbled across one of those few new casinos that wants to kick off their new enterprise by standing out from their competitors, giving extra added value to all new customers. In that case the player has made their own luck and now they reap their rewards!

With all bonuses it is ultimately in the Terms & Conditions where all the promotion at the front end is unravelled. The devil is in the detail and here it is. Now it's time to become an expert and start communicating with a favoured casino and their customer service.

It's time to perhaps get involved in a live chat and see how well they represent themselves and their casino and how transparent (if at all!) their bonus actually is. It's not just about their No Deposit bonus. If the player is planning on spending regular time playing their games, it's good to get on first name basis. Especially if one hits that progressive Jackpot, now that would be worth having wouldn't it!